Staff Directory


Stefanie Folino: Stone Bridge Middle School, Principal- ext., 5800

Brian Myslinski: Stone Bridge Middle School, Vice Principal- ext., 5801

Main Office Staff:

Maureen Scibilia: Administrative Assistant to the Principal- ext., 5800

Michelle Simone:  Administrative Assistant to the Vice Principal- ext., 5801 

Denise Burns:  Main Office Secretary/Security- ext., 5816

Leo Ramirez:  Security Officer
Health Office: Jacqueline Mulryne: School Nurse- ext., 5102
Technology Office: Joseph Papapietro: IT Specialist- ext., 5401
Guidance Office:

Jessica Bryant: 5th and 6th Grade Guidance Counselor- ext., 5303

Kristi Miceli: 7th and 8th Grade Guidance Counselor- ext., 5731

Child Study Team:

Kelly Buckalew:  Secretary to the Child Study Team- ext., 5421

Christi Santora: School Psychologist- ext., 5703

Louise Smith:  Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant- ext., 5319
Related Service Providers:

Amy Greenbaum: Physical Therapist- ext., 5104

Renee Nossen: Clinical Social Worker- Redbird CREW- ext., 5700

Rachel Rondinelli: Occupational Therapist- ext., 5104

Jillian Van Brunt:  Speech Therapist- ext., 5603
Teachers and Assistants: Alwell, Michelle: Math, ext. 4219 Bartlett, Tara: Fine Arts, ext. 4276 Beal, Christine: Special Education, ext. 4220 Briar, Jesse: Special Education/Math, ext. 4221 Brown, Christina: Language Arts, ext. 4222 Cappiello, Emily: Special Education, ext. 4224 Carlton, Lauren: Social Studies/Language Arts, ext. 4258 Dessin, Brittany: Math, ext. 4227 Devine, Kate: Science, ext. 4228 Froster, Kathleen: Math, ext. 4229 Gabriel, Sharon: Special Education, ext. Graham, Robert: Physical Education, ext. 4231 Greenfield, Victoria: Social Studies/Language Arts, ext. 4232 Hallahan, Mary: Special Education, ext. 4233 Hanna, Steven: Fine Arts, ext. 4234 Hansen, Beth: Science, ext. 4235 Hewitt, Amy: Math, ext. 4237 Hulit, Peg: Instructional Assistant Kaiser, Jessica: Language Arts, ext. 4046 Kearney, Jamie: Special Education, ext. 4240 Kolodziej, Katelyn: Language Arts, ext. 4242 Kranchalk, Amy: Fine Arts, ext. 4243 LaBella, Adrienne: Special Education, ext. 4244 Larkin, Julia: Language Arts, ext. 4245 Loveland, Clay: Physical Education, ext. 4246 Magee, Heidi: Special Education, ext. 4247 Manigrasso, Shannon: Science, ext. Martell, Lisa: Special Education. ext. 4249 Mazza, Angela: Spanish, ext. 4250 Myers, Caryn: Language Arts, ext. 4254 O'Meara, Kristen: Special Education, ext. 4257 Pabon, Diana: Spanish, ext. 4259 Pintimali, Tammie: Social Studies, ext. 4260 Reed, Pamela: Instructional Assistant Ridings, Rebecca: Special Education, ext. 4267 Scaturo, Christopher: Social Studies, ext. 4271 Schappell, Jackie: Math, ext. 4272 Scherr, Bonnie: Special Education, ext. 5815 Schmid, Justin: Computers, ext. 4273 Smilie, Alison: Life Science, ext. 4278 Tusay, Barbara: Special Education, ext. 4279 Wayton, Meredith: Special Education, ext. 4281 Wells, Dana: Special Education, ext. 4282 Wilke, Jessica: Math, ext. 4283