HIB/ Anonymous Alerts Reporting

Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

Contact these staff members if you need to report an occurrence of harassment, intimidation
or bullying of another person.

Anti-Bullying Coordinator (District): Patrick Leary,  609-259-7292,  ext. 3200
SBMS Anti-Bullying Specialist: Jessica Bryant , ext. 5421
Anti-Bullying SpecialistKristi Miceli, ext. 5731
Principal: Stefanie Folino, ext. 5800
Vice Principal: Brian Myslinski, ext. 5801

Anonymous Alerts Information

You can also report a situation of concern through the use of Anonymous Alerts.  This allows
students and parents to anonymously report concern for self harm, peer concern, incidents of
bullying and unsafe behavior. Please click on this LINK to start a report.