Advanced Level Math

Advanced Level Math Overview
Here at Stone Bridge Middle School, we offer Advanced Level Math (ALM) in grades 5-8.  Our math program operates as follows:
ALM 5, Math 5, Math 5 Resource Room
ALM 6, Math 6, Math 6 Resource Room

ALM 7, Math 7, Math 7 Resource Room
Algebra, Math 8, Math 8 Resource Room

Students must qualify in order to be placed into an ALM course.  Using the data below, students are placed in the math course that best meets their needs.  Each assessment is weighted accordingly and is calculated into an overall score.  For more specific information regarding how each of these assessments are weighted, please utilize the document below.  Once calculated, students and parents are notified of their child's math placement in early summer.  Should a child fall short of the required points required for placement into an ALM course, there is an appeal process. 

Qualifying Data Includes:
End of Year Average
Benchmark Tests 1, 2 and 3
End of Year Exam
Problem Solving Assessment

Breakdown of Weighted Assessments

ALM Contracts
Advanced Level Math Contract
Algebra Contract

Please note, that as of Fall 2022, we have been working to modify and update our math program as a means of providing students with more opportunities in math.  Information regarding the updates to our math curricula will be shared with parents once all updates are complete.

Any questions regarding math placement at SBMS should be directed to Mrs. Stefanie Folino and/or Mr. Brian Myslinski.