7th Grade Curricula

7th Grade Course Overviews by Content Area
Provided below are brief overviews of the content taught in core academic classes.  For more specific information regarding the scope and sequence of each curriculum, please utilize our curriculum maps, which can be found in Rubicon Atlas..

Language Arts

Students in ELA 7 read both fiction and nonfiction, with close attention to key ideas and details, craft, structure, and the integration of new ideas and knowledge. Reading units include Narrative and Informational Nonfiction Reading, Historical Fiction, Literary Techniques, and Advanced Character Analysis. Students write opinion, informational/explanatory, and narrative pieces, using the craft elements and organization appropriate to each. Seventh grade grammar includes phrases and clauses, and the use of various types of sentence structures (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex). Students learn Greek and Latin affixes and roots to develop vocabulary and improve fluency.

Math 7 focuses on four critical areas: (1) Number and Quantity; (2) Algebra; (3) Geometry and (4) Measurement, Data and Probability. Students will: (a) Perform operations with rational numbers; (b) Use proportional relationships to solve problems; (c) Write equivalent expressions; (d) Use numerical and algebraic expressions, equations and inequalities to solve problems; (e) Draw, construct, and describe geometrical figures and describe the relationships between them; (f) Solve problems involving angle measure, area, surface area, and volume; (g) Make inferences about a population, compare two populations, and use probability models. Math Online Resources


7th grade science provides a hands-on approach to the Physical Sciences. Our units include Energy & Energy Transfer, Chemistry, Forces, Motions & Fields, and Waves and their Applications. Our central focus of matter and energy, their interactions and changes is evident throughout the course. Students design and implement lab experiments and investigations while collecting data and providing evidence-based claims throughout all units. 

Social Studies

7th grade social studies explores the growth and development of the United States following the Civil War.  Topics of exploration include Reconstruction, Age of Industry, The Progressive Era,  World Wars I and 2 along with a micro unit on the Holocaust.  Lessons are designed to promote student inquiry and lead to deeper understanding of how the past connects to the present.